Our Firm

Aretera is a leading independent public affairs advisory firm operating across Central & Eastern Europe, Turkey, Ukraine, Central Asia and a growing number of global emerging markets. We advise a wide range of leading multi-national corporations, providing counsel on all aspects of public policy, public affairs and reputation management.

Aretera works to the highest international standards of transparency and compliance, partnering with global and local client teams, lawyers and global agencies, to serve our clients’ needs in our regions.

Our diverse team is highly experienced across the legal, regulatory, policy and media landscapes in our countries of operation and helps clients navigate often complex and opaque markets. Our leadership team brings decades of regional experience across the corporate and agency world, combining international, cross-market expertise with local industry leaders in our countries of operation.

Aretera’s sector experience includes: digital/ICT, healthcare, agriculture, FMCG, financial services, infrastructure, automobile, platform economy, micro-mobility and beyond.

We offer a fully-integrated mix of public policy and strategic communications/issues management support, and often operate across a range of countries for single clients.
What's In a Name?
Our name is inspired by Arete, the ancient Greek concept of excellence and moral virtue and the Greek goddess of excellence. In this challenging world, we felt those were values close to our heart and certainly are targets that we hold central to every client mandate. We strive for excellence at all times, and to advise clients on what is the right path for both their business performance and their ongoing reputation.