Leposava Ognjanoska
Senior Advisor, North Macedonia
Leposava has extensive experience in international relations and European Affairs, predominantly on issues related with democratic governance and rule of law, having worked both in the think-tank sector and for the state bodies. In her roles, Leposava has also been responsible for managing strategic communications.

Responsibilities at Aretera

  • Provide support and guidance to clients in North Macedonia;
  • Regulatory monitoring and strategic advice;
  • Outreach to government bodies.

Professional experience

Over the past eight years, Leposava has been working in dynamic and demanding environments and has been engaged in some of the most important societal and political processes in the domestic political context. She has worked effectively in coordination with multiple stakeholders, with demonstrated capacity to exercise confidentiality, discretion and tact on a range of sensitive mandates. She has extensive experience in public policy, decision-making process and negotiations, strategic communications and change management, mostly in the areas of the rule of law and democracy.

Leposava started her work in the field of European Affairs as a Project Assistant and Researcher at the European Policy Institute – a well-established think tank organization in North Macedonia and the Western Balkans, where she managed different procedural and substantive aspects of project portfolios related with the rule of law and good governance, in a very sensitive and fragile political landscape at that time. She then continued her career in the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, working on complex high corruption and organized crime cases, related to and arising from the wiretapped materials.

Most recently, Leposava was a Special Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, working closely with high level decision-makers and contributing to the negotiations process and Europeanization of society.


Leposava is a PhD candidate in EU Law and European Integration at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in Skopje, where she obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

Alongside her strong background in the legal profession, Leposava is also active in the communications sphere. She has published several articles on current European Affairs and has participated in several study programs, most recently: Academy of European Law (ERA), European Digital Diplomacy Exchange, implemented in cooperation with the US State Department Programs, and the Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies 2021 cycle.